Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 6 - Westhoughton - Welshpool

Day 6
Westhoughton -> Welshpool
78 Miles
~1000m Ascent
5 Hours 58 Minutes

A few beers always seems like a good idea when you've been riding all day. We had always planned to give ourselves the morning off and leave for Welshpool between 11-12. I'm not sure if it was how much we had eaten, how much we had drunk or whether pure laziness came into play but we made the 78 miles to Welshpool feel like 178 miles. It seemed to take forever! On any other day we could have smashed 78 miles out in around 4 hours dependent on wind and hills, today was nearer to 6. Granted we have heavy bags and had covered just over 500 miles in 5 days previous but for some reason the legs just would not turn! When we finally rolled into Welshpool we were so tired and lethargic we had to call it an early night and got some shut eye!

Despite our obvious lack of pace, we still managed to improve our score! Overtaken: 26, overtaken by:0!

On to Upton upon Avon tomorrow!

Nathan + James

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