Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 8 - Upton Upon Severn - Poole

Day 8
Upton-upon-Severn to Poole
116 miles
2000m ascent
7 hours 15 minutes

After another huge breakfast to round off a fantastic stop at Uwe and Beryl’s home, we were on our way for the longest day of the trip. Our bags were stocked with food and drinks to help us through the first couple of hours. We made good progress early on and got to 40 miles fairly quickly.

To break down the many miles, we set ourselves smaller targets. For example, we would agree on 10 miles until the next drink stop and then a further 15 to a lunch stop. This helped us keep up good spirits and not be overwhelmed by the total distance.

The afternoon proved much more difficult as we hit many hills. Again, the wind was against us which did not help our speed. We were feeling tired and the miles weren’t going by as quickly as we had hoped. 5 minute drink stops were turning into 15 minutes but we knew once we hit the south coast, we would be on the home straight to Land’s End.

With 27 miles to go, we stopped off for a Costa coffee which gave us the kick we needed! We flew through the last 90 minutes and rolled into Poole shortly after 7pm. We arrived at a nice B&B called Fleet Water Guest House who kindly donated all of our accommodation fees to the charity!

Unfortunately, today we have lost our good record. We were overtaken by 2 riders but at the time this was welcomed as we could ride behind them out of the wind!

Overtaken: 28, overtaken by: 2

Nathan + James

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